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Less Yelling, More Laughing:
How to Catch a Break from Your Needy Child

Hey there CCDS families!


It was an honor to visit you virtually, and I'm so grateful to everyone who attended live or watches this presentation.

Be sure to download your Playful Parenting Guide to create your custom plan for bringing more play into your home. 

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**Looking for the "right" answers to the Playful Parenting Guide?

Here they are...

Page 4

  • Children have a core need for connection.

  • Any behavior is the child's best attempt to get their needs met.

  • As parents, we can tune in and recognize when our child is in a "tower of isolation."

Page 5

  • Children have a core need for autonomy.

  • Children will grasp for power or hide in fear when this need is unmet.

  • We can recognize when our child is in a "tower of powerlessness."

Page 6

  • Play is a signal of safety.

  • It is impossible to feel angry and laugh at the same time.

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