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Master Momming

Register now to level up your parenting game!

  • Six meetings via Zoom, twice a month in June, July, and August

  • Discussion topics including emotional intelligence, communication, boundaries, and more

  • A judgment-free space to share experiences, ask questions, and find solidarity among parents

  • Opportunities to practice strategies through role-play and reflection

  • Guidance and support from two facilitators, both certified parent coaches

  • Interviews with professionals in child development fields

  • BONUS meditation when you book your call

Are you ready

to master your parenting?


You know that your children are doing the best they can.

You know that YOU are doing the best you can.

And you want different results... yesterday!

Join Master Momming to make real,

lasting changes in your family.

Can you take another minute of the stress, worry, and doubt of everyday parenting?  

Can your children handle the confusion, guilt, and pain?

Let's talk about what you can achieve when we work together. 

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