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Let Go of Guilt and Confidently Claim Your Role as a Good Mom

with Parenting 101
The Online Course and Group Program
with Parent Coach Allyn Miller

Taylor, mom of 2

"I am calmer, more confident, and more secure in myself.


The structured course, action steps, and talking through everything made a huge difference. Now I can maintain my own equilibrium without going on the emotional rollercoaster ride with my son."

Here's a must-ask question for moms...

What’s the difference between being the mom who falls asleep, tired but not depleted, feeling proud of yourself for your choices, and knowing that your mistakes were not failures…


And being the mom who crashes into bed, overcome by guilt, blaming yourself for every meltdown that escalated to a [magnitude10 on the Richter scale] catastrophe? 


Likely guesses include…


  • Getting confused by listening to every podcast from every parenting expert

  • Spending years in therapy, digging into painful childhood memories 

  • Reciting a “say this, not that” script you saw on TikTok (through clenched teeth because you want to yell even though it’s not “gentle” or “peaceful.”)


But motherhood doesn’t have to be like this.


Inside Parenting 101 you’ll discover how to feel like a good mom and be confident you’re raising good kids. 


What Happens When You
Discover Your Parenting Magic

Hi, I’m Allyn Miller, a mom of two who's been there. 


(Confusing name, right? My mom always clarified by saying, Like a boy, but a girl. So much better.)


I’m not the least bit confused about what I see in you:


A mom who has tried everything, wants to do better, and just can’t find the missing link to get a win once in a while.

The missing link has nothing to do with you. 


I firmly believe you are complete, you are whole, and there’s nothing you need to fix about yourself.


The missing link is what no one taught us about raising kids in loving, trusting, authentic relationships - because it was only discovered through scientific research a few decades ago!


What you’re looking for is a guide who can use that missing link to help you unlock the parenting magic you already have inside. 


Guess what? You’ve found her.


With a Master’s in Early Childhood and a Master Parent Coach Certificate I know exactly how to convert big, broad concepts into concrete actions so you can put them into practice every day.


Here’s a little story of how I provided the missing link to transform one child from outcast to outgoing.


One August, as I placed name tags in cubbies and prepared my toddler classroom, I heard stories about one particular child. Let’s call him Grant. Teachers and staff members painted a picture of a child who didn’t join any group activities, didn’t talk, didn’t laugh, and had frequent meltdowns that caused chaos in the class.


I witnessed all of that, and I felt certain I could offer him something different. I observed him with curiosity, noticed patterns, and let him be himself with full acceptance of all his quirks and challenges.


One behavior that stood out was his pacing around the perimeter of the classroom, avoiding people and activities, and ignoring any invitation to engage.


With his mom’s permission, I tried a new approach: I scooped him up high with a big hug, then flew him around the classroom like an airplane, with sound effects and all.


His mom looked at me in disbelief.

“He smiled,” she said. “He never smiles when I drop him off.” 


Over the next several months I continued to help him feel calm and welcome in the group. I didn’t force him to do everything like the other kids. I allowed him more time and space to go at his own pace.


By winter break, we all were seeing a whole different side of Grant: the child who would combine signs and words to request more milk at lunch, the child who played chase with other students on the playground, and the child that laughed during stories and songs. 


Each day still had bumps and hurdles, but Grant had a new relationship with learning, connection with his peers, and trust with all the adults around him.


The transformation didn't come from a script or any prescribed interventions.

I used my magic to reveal the beautiful, exceptional, delightful child who was always there.


Combining this with big doses of playfulness, positivity, and patience set Grant up for success every day. YOU can create the same success for your child.

Graduate from Parenting 101 as a
Confident Mom Who Can:

Get off the hamster wheel

Stop stressing out, losing your mind, and feeling bad about it.

What's Inside Parenting 101?

Six Modules

The modules are presented in a specific order to build a foundation of awareness and tools before moving into more nuanced skills.

Live Coaching Sessions

This is where the magic happens! During group coaching sessions you’ll get to practice what you’ve learned, role play with me, and work through specific scenarios happening in your family.

Accessible Content

Every module has options: a video to watch (with available closed captions), audio for listening on the go, and a transcript you can print, highlight, or add notes in the margin - whatever rocks your socks!

Email Support

You deserve to get the most from your experience, and life happens every day, not just once a week. I’ll be available between sessions if you’re in a bind and need some extra TLC.

Simple Handouts

Nothing sticks the first time, so these handouts are designed like Cliffs Notes with an overview of the important concepts. You’ll also find journaling prompts to guide you during the program and keep you on track after you graduate.

Private Community

Learning happens best when everyone gets to share and connect. I will facilitate ongoing discussions and answer questions that pop up in between sessions. You’ll always be supported, never left to figure it out alone.

Don't Forget Your


A curated collection of my favorite resources for your own independent study. You’ll find podcast episodes, books, videos, and articles explicitly related to the topics in each module. Get inspired or dive deeper with this library of ongoing learning.


A masterclass series to cut down the arguing, bickering, and constant competition that is so common among siblings. Learn additional tips to squash the squabbles if you have multiple children in your family.


This fill-in-the-blank template will be your personal inspiration on your toughest days as a parent. Reach new heights again and again as you continue to unlock more parenting magic.

Ready to discover your parenting magic in this transformational program?

Questions dedicated moms ask before saying "OMG, YES!" to Parenting 101:

Q: How long is the program?

A: The course runs for 6 weeks, with a bonus kick-off call before the first live session.

Q: When are the live sessions?

A: Our kickoff call is Thursday, September 8 at 12:00 eastern. Weekly calls are on Tuesdays at 12:00 eastern from September 13 - October 18.

Q: What is the investment?

A: The Parenting 101 group program is yours for $400, with an optional VIP (Very Integrated Parent) upgrade for an additional $95.


Q: How much time should I plan for the program each week?

A: The top priority is to attend the live sessions, which are an hour long. Within the course modules you’ll find lessons that are between 20-30 minutes long, and handouts to complete with your personal reflections. The online coursework could require from one to two hours per week. If life happens and you don’t get to all of it, no sweat. You have lifetime access to the course modules.


Q: What if my spouse/partner/co-parent isn’t on board?

A: I can speak from my own family experience: you doing this work will have a positive impact on your children. I will share supportive perspectives and strategies to help you make the most of this program without causing additional tension or stress in your adult relationships.


Q: This is a group, right? Does that mean other parents will give me feedback?

A: No, hard stop. In our kick-off call, I’ll ensure we are crystal clear on everyone’s role. Nobody will be giving unsolicited advice, judging, criticizing, projecting, or comparing. We all will practice active listening and reflecting with empathy (exactly what your children need from you too, by the way).


Q: Can I get private coaching if I decide I need it?

A: Yes. You can upgrade right now to the VIP option (Very Integrated Parenting) for an additional $95. If you decide you want private coaching after the program starts, we can discuss other options.


Make no mistake: Your biggest success as a mom is the joyful, loving relationship with your child that gives them both the roots and the wings they need for a happy life.


You are already a good mom. You are reading this, carefully considering if this program is going to get you out of your own way so you can show up for your child.


You have your own parenting magic. Your relationship is not going to flourish because of what you read in a book, heard on a podcast, or saw on TikTok. Committing to personalized reflection and continuous practice may not yield instant results, but it is the only reliable path to creating the relationship and family you desire.


This leaves you with 3 choices…

  1. You can keep absorbing all the best parenting tips, tricks, and quick fixes and blame yourself (or your child, or school, or the weather) when you’re still facing epic meltdowns every day.

  2. You can give up, telling yourself you turned out fine and your kid *probably* will too (as if “fine” is all your child deserves)

  3. You can follow my step-by-step method with direct support, allowing you to finally be the mom you dreamed you could be: the best mom for your child.


If you want peace of mind and confidence that you’re raising kids to be the best version of themselves, and #3 is calling out to you…


…then I want to offer you my sincere appreciation for allowing me to provide the framework and guidance to unlock your parenting magic. I can’t wait to help you make it happen.

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