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A FREE 5-Day Interactive Experience

Push "pause" on your triggers so you can be a calm, confident parent in the heat of the moment.

Ever wonder why you still flip your lid even though you are doing ALL the things...

✔️ trying to stay calm

✔️ using all the tools

✔️ saying the right words

Let me say this: you're not doing anything wrong. You're probably doing everything right... at least, everything that's in your control.

And your triggers are what make you lose control. 


I get what it's like to want to help your child, while you desperately need help yourself.

Join the Press Pause Experience from August 22-26 to stop letting your triggers take over. 


You can finally find your pause and be the parent your child needs you to be: calm, confident, and compassionate.

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Hi, I'm Allyn Miller.

As a mom of two young kids I know what it's like to scream until your voice is hoarse and how it feels when your pulse is throbbing in your temples. The heartbreak of seeing your child crying, scared of you, is all too familiar.

We are responsible for protecting our children, even if we must protect them from our own emotional explosions.

No parent wants to lose their cool all over their kids. But no one teaches us what to do instead.

That's why I'm spending 5 days sharing information and talking with other parenting professionals all about:


  ✅ What you really need to know about anger and parenting
  ✅ The ONE tool that will change your parenting forever
  ✅ Your secret weapon to combat stressful triggers
  ✅ The truth about the truth
  ✅ Permission to GET LOUD

Why join the Press Pause Experience?

Align your actions with your desires. 

You want to be calm, stay present, and be grounded in the moment.

You'll get specific tools to make that possible.

Respond from your highest self. 

Triggers bring us down to a reactive, instinct-driven state.

Practice creating the space to make a conscious choice.

Reset your system.

Triggers ignite when your system is overloaded.

Learn how to reset and minimize the chance of triggers taking over.

Regain connection with your child.

Triggers pull us away from seeing what our child needs.

Get a clear path back to connection when your child needs you the most.

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