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3 Steps to Successfully Press Pause

Have you seen Wakanda Forever?

There’s a pivotal moment when Princess Shuri can either kill for revenge or… spare a life and have a chance at peace.

She had that powerful moment of pausing (and tuning into guidance from her ancestors) before acting.

I get it: not every moment of your life as a mom is going to carry the weight of a climatic cinematic moment, but even with your arms full of groceries and this morning’s yogurt wiped down your leggings you can create powerful interactions by pressing pause.

Watch the whole video (you don't need an Instagram account) to learn about these 3 steps to press pause more often in the heat of your parenting moments:

  • become aware of your rising stress/anger/overwhelm

  • make a choice before you fully flip out

  • practice forgiving yourself for the times it didn't work out

Nobody’s life is on the line… but your relationship with your kids could be.

Steps 2 and 3 are best done with guidance, and they are exactly what I do with my clients. You can get customized strategies to make different choices before you lose your cool in a free Insight Session.

Step 1 is knowing when you’re about to flip out… BEFORE you actually flip out.

You can do this on your own, starting right now. Well, you actually get some help from Moana. 😉

Get my #1 Tool for Moms to Keep Cool so you can protect your kids from your stress exploding all over them, and put your best parenting strategies to good use.

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