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How to Guide Yourself Through Any Parenting Decision

How do you make your parenting decisions?

How do you communicate those decisions with the people involved?

This conversation is ALL about finding presence in your parenting, one critical component of my Pause~Presence~Play parenting method.

As we approached the winter concert for Nina's chorus group, I tapped into my own presence to:

✅ realize I needed to take action

✅ connect my values to the situation

✅ communicate my needs to my child

✅ make a request to her music teacher

✅ offer a solution that could work for everyone

Watch this video (no Instagram account required) to see how I guided myself through this process.

You might want to take notes so you can guide yourself in this way, too!

While this specific situation might not apply to your family, you can use the same framework to make decisions and communicate your needs, requests, and solutions to everyone involved.

I'd love to know:

How would it feel if you could make decisions with more clarity and communicate with teachers, your spouse, or the grandparents in a way that created solutions?

Leave a comment below.

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