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I Forgot to Press Pause

Am I the only one that got way off track during the holidays?

Confession: even as a parent coach I unintentionally let go of routines and forgot some key practices over the past few weeks.

How could I tell?

I felt annoyed, frustrated, irritated, and impatient… a LOT.

What did I do about it? I coached myself (the exact same way I coach my clients) and used the tools available, in this case, a framework straight from my Stress Buster Series.

~Choose to ACT~

🏃🏻‍♀️ Get active: I recommitted to going for a short walk, a quick bike ride, or a few minutes of yoga to get physically active.

🤔 Get curious: I reflected on the emotions I was feeling and what I was needing.

🙏 Get thankful: I remembered the power of gratitude - for my awareness, my process, and the simple things that I had been neglecting to notice while I was off track.

Watch the video below (no Instagram account required) to see why it's especially important if you have kids under the age of three to have a plan when you get overwhelmed:

If you need support right now to get a handle on lingering stress, frustration, and overwhelm check out the Stress Buster Series. Then you'll have the entire process from beginning to end that will help you stay on track for being the mom you truly want to be, no matter what.

💜 Allyn


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