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My Favorite Communication Tool

How does one little word like "no" cause so much frustration in your family?

A child saying "no" is often their best way to show you, the big adult with the big brain and the big body, that they are their own person.

No for a child equals independence.

No for a child equals autonomy.

No for a child is being an individual.

No for a child is their desire for CHOICE.

When you see how much is packed into that little word, it makes sense that just saying "No" back to your child isn't going to make them budge.

Find the yes.

Watch the whole video (no Instagram account required) to

🌟 find the YES for choice and

🌟 get a YES for cooperation


It looks different depending on the age of your child, so tune in to see what works for toddlers and how to set it up for older kids (and even teens and adults).

How does this reframe your response when your child says "No" to you?

Leave a comment below if you're willing to find the yes with your children. (See what I did there? 😉)

💜 Allyn

PS - This communication tool works best when you're able to keep your cool.

Grab my #1 Tool for Moms to Keep Cool so you can communicate successfully, even in the heat of the moment.


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