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New Kid on the Block

Do you remember your first day of high school?

Were you like me, feeling excited about starting this important new phase, but also terrified about figuring out those critical things like how to get to your locker and on to your next class on time, where to sit in the cafeteria, or how to avoid embarrassing yourself at any given moment?

Maybe you were lucky enough to go to a school where everyone basically knew each other; otherwise you probably felt like a fish out of water.

In my adult life I've been a “new hire” at nine different organizations and “new to the neighborhood” six times now.

Either I have a penchant for being the new kid on the block or I'm just open enough (hmm, crazy enough) that I say “Yes” to big changes without much hesitation. It must be the latter because I've also traveled alone many times, including in three foreign countries.

It's true: I'm comfortable with going to new places, learning new things, and being the new person in the group.

It turns out that being comfortable with “new” is a huge help in parenting: adjusting to new routines, celebrating (or bemoaning) new milestones, and facing new challenges.

I like to consider “parent” as a very fluid term. We are constantly adjusting to our children's development and our environment, so we are constantly in the new.

Last year I was new to conscious parenting, we were all new to parenting in a pandemic, eventually, I'll be new to parenting a teenager, and before I know it I'll be a new empty nester - waaah! 😩

Even if you weren't comfortable with “new” stuff growing up you get ample opportunity to face it and embrace it as a parent, and hopefully, you learn what you need to make that happen.

Parenting is a continuum, and we're all moving along at our own pace and in our own way. What's new for me is habit and routine for others; what I've been doing for years could be totally foreign to others.

That's the beauty of parenting in a community: we get to learn from each other.

What's “new” in your parenting right now?

Are you ready to face it and embrace it?

Who is supporting you in your new adventure?

I'm always here with you, wherever you are in your journey.


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