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No Elf On Our Shelf

Call me a Scrooge, but…

We do NOT have an elf on our shelf in our house.

❌ Hell no.

(If you have an elf on the shelf and it brings joy and magic to your whole family, just skip this, it isn’t for you.)

I don’t need one more thing to keep track of during the holidays, and I don’t want my kids behaving solely because of the constant threat of the elf catching them.

Believe me, I know:

🥕 Kids WILL behave to get a new toy or to avoid losing screen time.

🦴 Just like a dog goes in her kennel to get a treat or stays in the yard to avoid a shock.

💞 Can we agree that our kids deserve more in life, like relationships built on trust and internal motivation with a strong ethical compass?

Watch the video below (no Instagram account required) to see how yes, even I can succumb to bribes when I’m not at my parenting best, and why in my heart I actually don’t want the bribe to work:

Bribes create a quick “win” and eventually train your child to ignore what they need and who they are.

Did you know that’s what is really happening with bribes? #childhoodtrauma

If you are down with ditching bribes and threats, toss a 🌟 in the comments below.

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💜 Allyn


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