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Why We Must Let Boys Cry

Why is it so important for parents to let their boys cry??

What if kids at school call them a crybaby?

What if coaches, teachers, or extended family members say crying makes them weak?

What if seeing your boy's tears sends you into a panic?

There are so many harmful (and untrue) messages around boys and men who cry.

The saddest part is that these old beliefs get in the way of boys thriving in their families, school, activities, and life.

Holding on to beliefs that boys shouldn't cry makes it extremely difficult for men to express their emotions and open up to people who love them and care about them.

Watch this conversation (no Instagram account required) to challenge old beliefs you might have and learn specific ways you can help your son express emotions in healthy ways.

💙 Spoiler alert: there’s no scientific evidence to indicate that boys feel emotions or express them differently than girls

💙 Find out the possible results of repressing tears and strong feelings

💙 Learn ways you can strengthen your relationship and teach skills to help your child manage their emotions anywhere

🌟 Visit Greg’s Instagram profile @gregorysbrownmd and check out his Friday Sessions for more mental health conversations.

📖 Grab his book The Self-Healing Mind to incorporate healing strategies into your lifestyle to enhance your own mental wellness.

Thank you for being part of this important conversation, and know that wherever you are, it’s the right time to get support, however that looks for you.

💜 Allyn

PS - ❤️‍🔥 If facing your son’s tears, outbursts, or meltdowns brings YOU to the end of your fuse, please grab me free resource to help you extend your own fuse while you show up for your child’s big emotions.


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