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Calling All Moms
Ready to De-Stress Their Daily Life with…

The Stress Buster Series

A step-by-step course for overwhelmed moms

looking to finally find the "pause"

that sounds too good to be true.

With Parent Coach

Allyn Miller

My anger was getting away from me, and I was losing it... yelling and feeling out of control. Now I'm aware of my stress and I know what strategies I can use. It helps me every day.

Taylor, Mom of 2

If you could unlock what’s blocking your joy and keeping you from being the calm mom you know your child deserves…


Would you give yourself that gift?


Or, would you keep on…


  • Googling self-care tips (only to realize the solution for your stress is more stressful than the problem)

  • Feeling powerless (while the kids have all the control)

  • Thinking you’re screwing up (and repeating the same mistakes as the stress keeps building)

  • Living the painful cycle of getting angry... losing your sh!t... and letting guilt swallow you whole?

Today Could Be The Last Day

You Yell “What is wrong with you?”

When Your Child Screams “NO!” Right In Your Face


Inside this easy-to-follow course you’ll learn the exact strategies

to get control of your emotions

so you can help your child with theirs.

Why You Deserve to De-Stress Right Now

From a Smarty-Pants Who Thought She Knew It All


Hi, I’m Allyn Miller (just like Allen, but with a y).


Here’s one thing I do know… about you:


The trick to “pressing pause” or “finding your calm”

or helping your kid through a meltdown

has zero to do with how much you love them.


(I also know you’re already a great mom. That’s why you’re here reading this.)


The trick is in what you don’t know you don’t know. Say what?


Let me rewind to early 2014 when I was a toddler teacher and I had two young kids and a husband who traveled a lot. On any night I was slumped in the hallway, between my screaming daughter and my crying son. 


What could I do but turn into a puddle of tears, too? 


It didn’t matter that I had a master’s in early childhood education or that I was an otherwise capable, educated, resilient, grown-ass woman. 


I couldn’t get through a bedtime routine without unleashing 

some inner beast of mythological proportions.


(sound familiar?)


Fast forward to summer 2020 when I had my lightbulb moment: humans have feelings. Lots of different feelings. Was I the only kid who grew up in the 80s and thought “fine” was ideal? Nobody taught us how to feel feelings. Nobody in our world knew how much it mattered.


So here I am, using my personal blind spots to make your life way better. I’m giving you the shortcut to learn:


  • How to feel what the heck is happening inside your body

  • What stress really is

  • What drives emotions (so they don’t drive us)

  • How to talk about emotions so your kids aren’t in the dark like I was


And I’m giving it to you now, so you don’t waste another day thinking “fine” is enough.

3 Reasons to De-Stress Today


Lightning Speed


We ladies know our body is our temple.

Tune into your body so you can respond to every whisper instead of waiting until she screams.

Let your body tell you right away whether a decision is right for you.


Positive Action for Positive Change

Why wallow in doubt or fume in anger when you can quickly figure out what you need in your life?

The next time you're feeling bummed you'll know exactly how to pick yourself up and move forward.


Unwavering Confidence in Helping Your Child

Your child may be on their emotional roller coaster, but you don’t have to join the ride.

You can stay grounded and secure, knowing you have everything you need to make it through the next tantrum or meltdown.

What's included in the masterclass series?

5 Learning Modules
It’s like a buffet and you get to pick your favorites! Every module has a video you can watch, audio so you can listen on the go, and a transcript for you highlighter junkies. (I know you’re out there because I’m one, too!)

Remember those color by number pictures? These handouts are just as easy and fun as they guide you through the baby steps to make progress every single day.
Email Support
Guess what… I’m a real human and I truly care about your success! If you feel tripped up by a skill or seem stuck in a rut, just send me an email to get back on track. 
Distraction-Free Community Space
Let's skip the stress-inducing wormhole of social media and enjoy a parenting sanctuary within Child Connection. Ask your questions, share your wins, and be part of a virtual parenting village. 

Get This Incredible BONUS!

3 Curated Playlists to Calm You Down and Boost Your Mood

Music is magical so I’ve put together different playlists with tunes to help you mellow out, move your body, and get in your groove.
Listening to Music on Phone

Want to wake up knowing you’ve got a handle on your stress?

Then dive into the Stress Buster Series and become the calm mom

your child deserves.

I like how the handouts mention the old pattern versus the new pattern and there are very specific action items. Allyn has definitely made the material accessible.

Namitha, Mom of 2

Questions overwhelmed moms ask before saying
“I needed this yesterday!” to the Stress Buster Series:

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: You have lifetime access. Although you could complete the whole course in a couple of days I recommend revisiting the lessons for a refresher because it takes repetition to build new habits.

Q: How much time does each lesson require?

A: The videos are between 7 and 20 minutes long, so you can easily listen in on a morning walk or watch while you fold laundry.


Q: Can you help me during the course?

A: Yes! Any time you have a question or particular scenario you need help with, send me an email. If you require more than an email response we can set up a time to talk in real time and see if coaching would be a better fit.

Q: What comes next?

A: So glad you asked! When you complete the Stress Buster Series and decide to enroll in a coaching program, this investment rolls over. Yep, that’s right: I’m taking even more stress out of taking the next step by applying this investment to any individual or group coaching. You’re welcome. 😉

Make no mistake: 

The only way to be a better mom is to take care of yourself, first.

Actually, I already know you’re a good mom because you’re looking for a solution.


You’re a good mom that’s working way too hard to take care of everyone else... and it’s burning you out.


Does it matter if the house is clean, if the clothes are folded, or if there’s a home-cooked meal if YOU are losing sleep, snapping at your kids, and crumbling under daily stress? No. 


So you have 3 simple choices…

  1. You can keep your head down, drink your tea, and write in your journal hoping you’ll receive a divine download that will magically relieve your stress.

  2. You can try every bit of advice from every parenting expert, guru, or influencer and wonder why it doesn’t work for you.

  3. You can follow this straightforward, scientifically backed method to reduce your stress and increase your happiness.


Your kids need you at your best, and you deserve to live every day as a role model of confidence, kindness, and self-love… because that is what matters.


If you’re done wishing and hoping and you’re ready to take control of your stress, #3 is what will get you there.


If you’re willing to trust your intuition and get started today, then I want to thank you for allowing me to show you real skills and solutions so you are truly the owner of your life.


I can’t wait for you to put YOU first.

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