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Out of Overwhelm:
The Stress Buster Series

Ride the Waves of Your Emotional Experience

and Regain Control of Your Life

Why emotions matter...

You're stressed out. Your kids are worn out. Everyone is tapped out.

You are on emotional overload!

If only you could get a handle on those triggers that make you flip your lid...

If only you could help your child calm down. 

It's possible, and it's necessary.


I'm sharing the tools that have saved me (and my children) over and over again from the fallout of our own anger, frustration, fear, and worry.

These are the tools that let you have emotions, not be controlled by them.

This program has 5 modules:

What Are Emotions? 

Feelings and Needs 

Nervous System Regulation


How to Shift Your Emotions

Get started today so you can find the peace of mind and joyful heart you deserve.

This investment in YOU is a gift to your entire family. 

What's included in the masterclass series?

Total Value: $199 
Retail Price: $47

Your Cost: $0
Included with the Nurturely Learning Box
Emotional Intelligence Toolkit.png


Just for you: Sit back, relax, and let this guided meditation help you unlock what you are needing right now. 
Get this exclusive Needs Visualization meditation included when you access the Stress Buster Series.

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