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Here's what I know to be true:

You can survive the toddler years and beyond without daily power struggles.

Hi, I'm Allyn Miller and I help exhausted moms thrive in every upset and meltdown with less fighting... and more fun!

Allyn Miller with her happy family on beach in Michigan at sunset

Create Your Ideal Vision for Your Family

We feel like we should have it all figured out: we know how to raise children because we've already been raised... right? 

But when we get into the day-to-day challenges that come with being a parent we often feel lost, doubtful, or overwhelmed.

We don't know what to do because nobody tells us what children really need. What we still need. What every person needs.


Develop a practice of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness as you embrace your whole self


Reconnect to your intuition, your voice, and your truth as you create a trusting relationship with your children


Experience evidence of respect, affection, cooperation, and peace within your family

Right Now Is the Right Time

To Start a New Path

Despite whatever challenges you are facing right now, there is opportunity change.

Depending on your current reality, you may find it hard to believe that change is possible.  I promise you, it is.

No parent starts their journey with all the answers, with everything perfect for their child.  We learn, we plan, we aim to be the best that we can be, and somehow old habits and patterns take over our best intentions.

I'm Allyn Miller, and I became a Parent Coach because I knew my kids deserved more from me. What I've learned since becoming a Parent Coach is that my connection to my self determines the strength of my parenting power.

My intuition, my desires, my values, and my voice are what shape my relationship with my children... and who they will grow up to be.  

My goal as a Parent Coach is to help you rediscover the strength and power you already have, so that you can lead your children and your family through love, compassion, and joy. I want you to thrive as a parent, and as a person.


I believe every child deserves the deepest nurturing throughout their life.  I'm here to help you become the parent that your child needs you to be.  If you're ready to begin the shift in your parenting, contact me today!

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