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The Empowered Parent

Online Course + Private Coaching

This is the "whole enchilada" when it comes to parenting.

We'll touch on all facets of the parent-child relationship and integrate skills and information so you can show up for your kids today and every day with full connection and confidence. 

Ready to begin your journey toward empowered parenting?


Kelly A.

I now have a much better understanding of my triggers and better control and coping strategies. I no longer feel like my reactions are controlling me.

Christina C.

Allyn's coaching helped redefine my approach and helped me prioritize the curiosity of what my children's needs are behind their challenging behaviors, which has been incredibly helpful!

Jess B.

Overall, I'm enjoying being a mom so much more. I feel empowered in my role and I go to bed at night without guilt.

"The days are long, but the years are short."

Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe your child will grow out of it.

Maybe it'll be easier when they...

  • get older 

  • go to school

  • have more friends

  • have more activities

  • sleep better

  • eat better

  • communicate better...

When will you get to enjoy your children? (Even during their worst meltdowns.)

When will you feel proud of yourself as a parent? (Even on your shittiest days.)

When will it get better? (Even when it seems everything is in ruins.)

You can't get back those years, those days, those minutes when you wished you had done it differently.

You can go forward as a dedicated parent, committed to your kids.

You can have a family created in love, kindness, and joy.

You can become the parent you wan to be, starting right now.

What You'll Get

  • Lifetime access to the online course outlined below (instructional videos, workbooks, reflection prompts)

  • Weekly 1-hour sessions for live coaching

  • Ongoing community support through Child Connection private group

  • Direct email support from me between sessions

  • On-demand chat support via Voxer

Parent yourself to see the results in your child.

Course Topics

1: Welcome + Orientation

Here we get to know each other, we set out the logistics, and we create our coaching container so each person is ready for success in the face of challenge.

2: Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

This week we align your compass so you know where you're heading for the rest of the journey. We will identify your potential blind spots so that you remain fully supported and fueled for our work together.

3: The 10 Pillars of Empowered Parenting

In this module we will explore the essential components of being an empowered parent. We will take a look at where we've come from and use that understanding to shape how we move forward.

4: Making Sense of Attachment Science

Here we take advantage of the latest neuroscience research to understand our relationship to our emotions. Then we learn how to move into a secure connection within ourselves, intentionally create that connection with our children, and ultimately teach them to develop their own secure connection.

5: Making Sense of Nervous System Science

This week we continue into the realm of science, looking at how our nervous systems operate to keep us safe. We will practice several tools to help you chill out, help your child when they flip their lid, and repair the relationship when it all goes off the rails.

6: Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science

Don't get put off by all the science here, let's call it evidence-based practices. In this module we use the science to truly see our children for the gorgeous, unique individuals they are. We learn to see beyond the fits, the tantrums, and all the behaviors as we explore our children's perspective and inner landscape.

7: Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

This is the secret sauce. This week we dive into feelings, needs, and beliefs and how to embrace them all through empathy.

8: Empowered Conversations

Here we discover your voice. Have you muted yourself to try and keep the peace? Do you have to scream and shout to get anyone to listen? This week we craft a script that you can use to speak your voice, get heard by others, and see positive results in action.

9: Establishing Boundaries from Family Values

In this module we create your customized family plan based on what you believe matters most. We will practice the ultimate parenting tool, the PEACE process, which brings together everything we've learned throughout the course.

10: Exploring Anger and Healthy Aggression

This week alone drastically changed my life. We gain a new perspective on the benefits of anger and acceptable ways to show aggression. Yes, we get to let it out rather than stuff it down, and teach our children how to do the same.

11: Playful Parenting and Storytelling

Here we take a grand adventure into the many forms of play, beyond toys and pretend, and how to ease the transition from serious grownup to playful parent.

12: Your Personal Transformation

This is really a checkpoint, not the end of the road. We take this time to look back at where we started and celebrate the amazing accomplishments we've achieved along the way. We also renew our commitment to our empowered parenting, and set off to continue the journey with the compass and map that you've created for yourself and your family.

How much is it worth to reshape your entire relationship with your child? Priceless.

What is the investment to enroll in the Empowered Parent program? $2100.

Payment plans are available upon request during your Clarity Call.

Click the button above to book your Clarity Call today.

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