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Allyn Miller - Parent Coach

Allyn Miller

Certified Parent Coach

As an early childhood educator and a mother of two I have both the knowledge and experience of what it takes to raise children in this ever-changing world.  My background in child development has provided me with a deep understanding of how children grow and what they need to learn and be loved.  I've had the joy and privilege of working with many families in various classrooms, yet at the end of each school year I never felt like I had given enough to help them continue growing as parents as their children grew older. Eventually, it was my own journey into motherhood that ignited my desire to serve parents in a more long-lasting way as a Parent Coach.


I’ve been the elated mother of a newborn... who was also crying alone because I didn’t know what I needed. 

I was the playful mama with the curious toddler... who felt lost and humiliated by raging tantrums.

I was the energetic mom of young kids... who ended up tired and yelling almost every night. 


Now I’m the mom of two children with a strong sibling bond... who understands the balance of feelings and needs for everyone in the family. 


Don't be fooled, I’m still human - I get mad, impatient, and frustrated - AND I show my children how to honor these feelings in a peaceful and nurturing way, acknowledging my mistakes and repairing the damage. Even when I face a new challenge or difficult circumstance I know I can find my way through it. I've been there, I've done the work, and I'm still learning every day. I would be honored to join you step by step on your journey to forming that lifelong connection you desire as a parent.

My goal as a Parent Coach is to help you be a confident parent despite what the world throws your way.

Let's do this together!

Additional Background

Teaching Experience by Age


Cincinnati Country Day School

Summit Country Day School (Cincinnati)

Shanghai Community International School


Mayerson JCC Early Childhood School (Cincinnati)

Shanghai Community International School

University City Children's Center (St. Louis)

Grade 3

United Nations International School (Hanoi)

Burchett Elementary School (Houston)


M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education, Webster University (St. Louis)

B.S.B.A in Accounting, Washington University in St. Louis

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As seen in:

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Proudly serving these communities:

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